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Sunday, May 22, 2016

In My World, It Is Officially Summer!

Last night THGGM decided it was as good a night as any to take a drive to Grand Haven.

He was correct.  It was.

We took the Leonard St. way, which is truly the only way to go.  Such incredible scenery.

Hardly any traffic, but quite a few deer and one very large bird that I couldn't identify because it was actually horrifyingly close to our windshield.  Do turkeys fly?

As we turned down the road to head to the pier it was in the mid-70's.  In the parking lot at the beach it was 60. Much cooler on the pier, so yes, it was the PERFECT day to be walking there.  I'm a fan of cooler temperatures.


Everything smelled amazing.
And there was ice cream.

Which, to me, makes it officially summer.

Now this is one big dog!

Here we are.  Enjoying the perfect Saturday evening before everyone else realizes it's summer and it gets too crowded for me.  THGGM doesn't mind crowds.  He's weird that way.

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