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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff

So, what have I been finding at the area thrift stores lately?  Good stuff.
REALLY good stuff.

See the darker brown, smaller set of drawers?  I found that at Ditto in Holland.  It's not old, but it works so well with the box we already have, which is full of drawing things. This new one fits right in and will hold my watercolors and brushes.   What, you didn't know I drew and painted? Um.  Well, I happen to enjoy it very much, I am just not good at it.  But there is no stopping me once I get an idea.
 And at Nice Twice I found this intricately crochet doily.  Isn't it GORGEOUS?!  Oh, I KNOW how to make these, and that is precisely why I don't!  They had quite a few beautiful pieces last time I was there, but like my mom always said, we need to save some for the other kids.
A few weeks back, when I found the embossed baby bottle, THGGM found this string-winder-thingy.  So, now we have one.  
Seriously.  One just NEVER KNOWS when one might need this.
Ditto also had some great books, but I just bought this one.  You know, because of my mom wanting me to leave some for the other kids.
This great book was a mere 50 cents.
The stories in it are really sweet too.
And the view out her kitchen window is so different from mine. Sigh...

I pass up soooo many great baskets, but this day I couldn't.

The white one would look great with red geraniums, don't you think?  One on each side.

And the tan one perfectly holds my journal, Kindle, phone, camera, and all the other sundry things I carry out into the backyard with me.

Notice the variety of fabric too! These are just odd pieces that I shall think up something to do with.  You never know, the American Girl Doll MIGHT be called upon someday to attend a school requiring her to wear a plaid skirt.  If not, she will have plenty of scarves.  Plenty.
This rubber stamp looked a wee bit beat up.  But, that amazing thing about rubber stamps, it still works!

I have this saying on my fridge, a poster, and a mug. But now I can put it on even more things!

Sadly, I STILL haven't figured out how to just "Snap out of it."   But that doesn't mean it isn't yet a good idea.  And you know me, I do like a good idea!
I also look for stamps that will interest the grand kids.  Especially the ones who think they cannot draw.
This basketball playing guy matches some other stamps I have.  
I only have a few things with cherries on them, but whenever we venture to Traverse City I am always interested in the cherry souvenir type things.  I don't buy them there, because they are expensive and I am cheap, I just wait for them to show up at a thrift store, and they do!

This looks like it's maybe meant to be an ornament.  It set me back 25 cents.  Hmm.  That's not what they sell for a the touristy places up north.
And look!

SLOOOOWLY I've been picking up wooden embroidery hoops whenever I find them for cheap.  These are of the thicker variety, and I've never paid more than 75 cents for one. Usually less than that.

I've come across this idea in a few different places.  Some people stain them, some glue or nail the pieces together.  So far, mine is holding together just fine all on its own.  If I DO anything else to it, I think I would wire them together.  You know, because someday I might think of something else to do with them.

(I know it isn't cool anymore, but I like stuff.)

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Mitzi said...

Wow, you did great thrifting! I love everything!
Had about given up thrift stores, but just might have to give it a try again. The cup and saucer and book are my favorites.
Happy Holiday Weekend.