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Sunday, May 08, 2016

The First EVER Girl Cousins Sleep Over

 Oh yes!  This happened on Friday evening until Saturday in the afternoon!  I'm not sure who had more fun, Pake and I, or the grand daughters.
Famke is four and a half years old than Hertsje, but they have so many of the same interests that they found things to do together all weekend long.

And, one of the amazing things about both of them is that they can also easily and happily entertain themselves.

MOSTLY they played with their American Girl dolls in the basement.  They also watched the American Girl doll movie about a gymnast named McKenna.  Famke was so excited to watch it with Hertsje, as they both have taken gymnastic classes.

Then they practiced their own skills on the very soft grass in our side yard.

This Cat In The Hat has been around since their Uncle Buddy was a little boy.  It now lives in our garage.  It frequently comes out to be dragged around the neighborhood.

Of course, I insisted upon taking their picture, and they insisted on including The Cat In The Hat in the picture.
Famke had a delightful time introducing Hertsje to all of the sleep over traditions.

And I do believe we did them all!

Dinner at Arnies and shopping at Michael's happened on Friday night along with the reading of Goodnight Richard Rabbit.

On Saturday Pake made them breakfast.  We went to the thrift store, picked up a few fun things there, and then came home to craft, play, and goof around.

They were both sad for it to end, but it really didn't end, as the day continued at Famke's house with a family Mother's Day Celebration in her backyard.

The best find at Michael's was the spoons for making these spoon dolls!  They were on sale for 99 cents for a package of twelve.  Oh, there will be MORE spoon dolls in our future, I'm sure.  This time we made spoon fairies!  Aren't they cute?  And I cannot stop making the paper butterflies!  I've not had much success combining the two, but I've yet to give up.

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