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Friday, May 06, 2016

We Made Stuff on Wednesday Too.

It rained all day Wednesday.

So, after lunch we got out paper, markers, stamp pads, and rubber stamps.

This is not Feintsje's idea of a good time, but he was a good sport about it.
Hertsje ADORES crafting, so she was having a wonderful time!

It was her idea to make Mother's Day cards.

I just wanted to make patterns, which she so sweetly refers to as "patternments".
Although I DO love making things, my favorite part of it is the talking that goes on WHILE we are making things.

If you haven't spent time talking with four year olds lately, you really are missing out.  They have fabulous thoughts and ideas.
I'm working hard to not bring out every single craft supply I own, as it overwhelms them (and me!) so this is what I came up with working with what I had at hand.

I am also trying REALLY hard to share my supplies.  I'm sure you have been aware of this long before I actually became aware of it myself, but I have a teensy wee bit of a hoarding problem. Especially when it comes to craft supplies.

So, I am streeeeeeetching myself by using AND using up my  REALLY GOOD supplies.

It's hard.  I like to HAVE things.  One would think that I lived through an awful craft supply shortage of Herculean proportions, as I feel all panicky if I run low on paper, or markers, or what-have-you.  It's embarrassing to admit, but it is very real.

Someday very soon these two will also be in school, and I will wonder what I collected all of this stuff for if not to use it with the people that I love most on Earth.

Oh, and Feintsje wanted me to take a picture of this. He finished with his picture before Hertsje and I were barely started.  He was rather impressed with his ability to hold a penny up with his eye.

Be amazed.  Be VERY amazed.

Hertsje and I were using this great Stampin' Up! stamp set I found for $1.25 at Nice Twice.  WHAT A DEAL!  I used to sell Stampin' Up! and get a thrill anytime I can score some of these at low thrift store prices.  They had three other sets for the same price which I had in my basket, but I put them back.  And of course, Feintsje liked the construction vehicles.  Although, he prefers to play with the real deal rather than stamp.
Broeder wasn't feeling too well on Wednesday.  He slept right through craft time.

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