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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Birthday Night

After spending time on the beach we were again ready to be on the go!

Our plan was to go to Moomer's Ice Cream Parlor.  This year they were voted Best Ice Cream Parlor in the USA.

But first we had to find it.

I don't know how were made it anywhere without GPS.

These first two pictures are from The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.

It used to be a state hospital.
It's gorgeous.
Well, at least the buildings that have been improved are.
Lots of nice shops, restaurants, and places to live here now.
Moomer's wasn't TOO hard to find.  The actual ice cream parlor isn't all that noticeable from the road.
But when we passed the dairy farm with all these cows, we turned the car around and there it was!
It was hard to choose.
I love blue moon and butter pecan, but I went with the butter pecan.
THGGM had the lemon.
Mine was great, his didn't taste like lemon at all.  I almost think they forgot to add any.
But it was my birthday, not his, so he was a grown up about it.  He IS only 57, and I am now 58 so I could have understood if he threw a bit of a fit being so young and all that.
Just as we were about to pay, I noticed this sign.

I got 58% off my waffle cone!
I would highly recommend a stop here.  I would also add that I still think Hudsonville Ice Cream is the best ice cream in the USA, but I'd have to try all the ice cream everywhere to prove it, and being diabetic, old, and fat, that probably wouldn't be the wisest thing I could do.
Just look at him, eating a bright yellow ice cream cone that tastes just like a plain old vanilla and hardly complaining at all!

After ice cream THGGM decided that he was hungry so we stopped here.
A restaurant in a house in the city.
Kind of cool, and the hamburger was great!
The dairy farm at Moomer's.  So beautiful!

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