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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Last Week Wednesday Was My Birthday

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It rained on my birthday.

Oh well, not a problem!

My plans included shopping at The Red Dresser, more coffee at Espresso Bay, and antique shopping at Wilson's downtown.

It was all good.

I even bought a few little treats for me for my birthday.

And then we drove up the other side of Mission Peninsula.  

We drove past this charming place!

Old Mission Inn has been around for a looong time.  Apparently, a lot of very famous people have stayed here.

It has it's own beach right across the road.

Of course, we went to my favorite beach just south west of the lighthouse.

I love it here.
So this is me.  My very first day of being 58 years old.

I think I look startled to be 58.

I really do enjoy being in the woods.

It's so "woodsy".
I did go looking for trillium.

This was the best I could find.

One pinkish trillium flower about ready to be done with it.
 On our way down the peninsula we made one more stop at a winery.
It was beautiful.
Someday we shall go back, hopefully on a clearer day.
But even in rainy-ish condtions the view was gorgeous.
By the time we drove back to our own little beach, the sun came out!
This of course thrilled THGGM, who likes nothing better than to spend sunny afternoons on the beach.
I had books to read, pictures to paint, thoughts to think.  You know, the usual.


Mitzi said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

rebecca said...

Catching up with you! Belated Happy Birthday! And if you think you're stargled to be 58---Just. You. Wait!

Hubby and I returned from a beautiful week in KY. Some of the most beautiful weather I've ever experienced. And quiet. Silence, actually. The Abbey of Gethsemani.

I even resisted occasional urges to trot off campus to Bardstown to check out the shops. Satisfied myself with the simplicity of the Abbey and several of the 2,000 acres it owns...