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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Last Week Thursday in Elk Rapids

The drive to Elk Rapids

Thursday morning was beautiful. THGGM even awoke early enough to catch the sunrise.
We had breakfast on the beach.  Again.  Life is so hard when one is on vacation, isn't it?
Our plan was to drive up the East Bay to Elk Rapids.
We went to two antique malls while we were there.    At this place, with a beautiful view of the bay, I bought a picnic basket.  I believe it was made to transport pies, but it now sits in my kitchen on the buffet, filled with 12x12 scrapbook paper.  It's perfect for that  Especially since under the buffet sits three regular sized old picnic baskets that hold other craft supplies. (yes.  yes i DO have two craft rooms in my basement, but i NEED some stuff on the main floor.  because.)
Elk Rapids is just filled with charm.

It never ceases to amaze me that places like this exist out side of books and my imagination.

Oh, I KNOW it isn't perfect, I read the news from up north.

But, it is still about as beautiful as a small town can get.

It has three antique malls, a river, and a beautiful beach.  It also has a very nice downtown with a plethora of shops.

And it has The Island House, now known as the Elk Rapids Library.

There are also flowers.  A garden club keeps these up so nicely.
I could take pictures of flowers (and bugs) all day, but there is so much to see here, and it is the perfect place to soak in the beauty of it all.
Isn't he cute?

 Above is a picture looking towards the river.  It has a small dam that USUALLY results in a waterfall.  This year the water table is high, so no dam waterfall.

This pictures is what it looks like when I turned around facing the other side of the river, looking out into the East Bay, with the Mission Peninsula across from it in the distance.
Might I have just crawled though a wardrobe?

Seems like Narnia to me.
The Elk Rapids Library, in The Island House.
I am so happy that after all these years (38) we still enjoy doing the same things.
I've only ever seen this here.
Evergreens doing what evergreens do.

And if the above library is closed, THIS library is opened 24/7.
How nice if one arrives on the beach having forgotten to bring along a book.
It's a small replica of the library!
Seriously, the charm never ends here.

So many people come up here to go to the casinos.
I come up here to cast my eyes on all the beauty.
And to buy picnic baskets too, I guess.
We left this beautiful beach to go back to our own.
Amazing to me that this is considered the "off" season.

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