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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Back Again to Elk Rapids

This is the school bell from the first school in Elk Rapids.

Yes, we did go back.  Because it is so relaxing here.  This cute little house on the left can be rented by the week.  It seems to have a very junky porch.  I would like that.
THGGM found a house for sale.  I like imagining that I live here.  I don't ever want to move again.

 We did travel back to our own beach to watch the sunset.
Our last one for this vacation.
It did not disappoint.
Sunsets rarely do.
Although it wasn't as peaceful as we had hoped.
There were three people loudly complaining about an upcoming family wedding.  And I do mean loudly.  And they went on and on and on.  Even after the sun had set and we went inside I could still hear them repeating over and over and over again all the grave injustices they were suffering because of this wedding.
Look at that view!  How can people be looking at something like this, and complain about something like that?  
Ugh.  Wish we had stayed to watch the sunset in Elk Rapids.  I think it must be against the law to complain there.  Everyone seems so happy.
Oh, and this is me, not one to complain.  Except, you know, when it is completely justified and done in the comfort of my own home.

And yes, in this very picture I am listening to them complain.

And now you are looking at this picture while I complain to you about those other people's complaining.

But I am presently in my own home, complaining on my own couch (which, by the way, smells a bit doggy at the moment) and hopefully I am not ruining the last sunset of your vacation.  So sorry if I am.

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