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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Peterson Park

Peterson Park is at the end of Peterson Road, which is just north of Northport. Take it west, away from the west bay and towards Lake Michigan.  It isn't far.  You will pass a cute little goat farm on the right, and across from that is a wood that was FILLED with trillium two years ago when we stopped here.  And then, at the end of the road, you will come to Peterson Park.

It hasn't been modernized or much touched by civilization since I visited it as a child.

We came here with our kids also.

They will never forget how many spiders live along the rocks at the beach.

Neither will THGGM.

We tried to take a selfie together, but nearly rolled backwards on the wet rocks into Lake Michigan.

There were two young guys on the beach gathering up large rocks.

They must have seen that event as it happened, and offered to take our picture.

I respectfully declined.

THGGM later told me that he thought they were going to stone us with their large rock collection.

I, who worries about EVERYTHING, never had that thought cross my mind.

But then on this vacation, I am reading Anthony Trollope, and THGGM is reading Stephen King.
This beach is full of Petoskey stones, a type of fossil that only exists in northern Michigan.  Or so they say.  Has someone actually checked EVERY stone EVERY where just to be sure?  Probably not.  Anyway, just to be sure, I bought a Petoskey stone.  No need to get too close to any spiders that way.

 I think I could have stayed here all day, except for the lack of food and toilets that flush.  But it's how untouched this area is that draws me to it.

It certainly isn't the spiders.  I tried to get a picture of one, but it's like they KNEW.  They aren't tiny, and they can RUN.
There are one hundred and sixteen steps down to this rocky beach.  But it is worth it.  Because the walk down is easy.  The walk UP on the other hand, isn't as easy, but the steps are set in such a way that the pitch isn't too terrible.  If I can do it, I think anybody can.  Unless, of course, you stop to gather a few rocks.  Then the climb gets more difficult.  I would have been interested to see how those two young guys handled it with their haul of large rocks.

Our next stop will be Fishtown in Leland, and Glen Arbor.

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