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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

More From Last Tuesday's Vacation

Before I return to vacation pictures, I simply MUST tell you that Jonge's baseball team won again tonight! This time the score was 18 - 0.   He has two good friends who play on the other team, which made it interesting.  One thing I am pleased about with his coach is that good sportsmanship comes FIRST.  He would NOT let them gloat about their win.  Enjoy it, yes.  But make the other team feel less-than?  NO!
 Now back to the regularly scheduled vacation pictures.  These are from Fishtown in Leland.  It's a quaint little spot on Lake Michigan.  If you have never been there, I suggest you go.   And eat at The Cove.  Yum.  The best whitefish around.  Last year we just quickly drove through the town.  Remember last year?  I do.  I was SICK the entire time.

Not too far down the road from Leland is the lovely town of Glen Arbor.

Last year in August this town experienced the WORST of a powerful wind event.  Ten months later the evidence still remains.  Entire swaths of woods are TOTALLY gone.  It is very sad.  But the town seems to have recovered well, as small towns are wont to do, and the charm and the beauty live on.  But, wow.  What damage we saw.

This picture is from Cherry Republic.  This store began because one local guy started a very small business to put himself through college.  I love seeing someone's idea grow by leaps and bounds into something local and sustainable.  This is a NEW room added to the MAIN location.
There is also a beautiful garden.

Glen Arbor is on Lake Michigan too.  It's just a  bit north of Sleeping Bear Dunes.

So much to do in this area.  And if you are like me and find crowds loathsome, I suggest you go at the end of May or the beginning of June, before everyone else and their brother gets there.

But even then, it is worth going!  I'd even put up with crowds to see all this area has to offer.

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