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Monday, July 04, 2016

Annual Independence Day Breakfast

 I have a fairly good idea what other people do on their July 4th celebrations, but I'm not particularly fond of doing those things.

Crowds and noise are things I avoid like the plague.

But I DO like family and I DO like to eat, so the Annual Independence Day Breakfast is what I enjoy.

Then, for the rest of the day I like to sit around.

I always miss my mom on the 4th of July.

THGGM and my dad used to take the kids to the parade while mom and I made Christmas cards all after noon.  It's just not the same without her.

But she wouldn't want me whining about that, so I'll try not to.
We ended up needing to add an extra table to hold all the food!

Our menu rarely varies, but a few things do get added and subtracted each year.
This year our menu consisted of:
Fresh fruit
Yogurt with homemade granola
Blueberry muffins
Cream cheese almond Danish
Broccoli, ham, and cheese quiche
Green chili and co-jack cheese quiche with fresh salsa
Milk, coffee, and orange/pineapple juice

Tonight THGGM and I will watch fire-works.

But we will do that from the comfort of our own driveway.

This just maybe the last year for that.  Not sure how tall the new school is going to be!

(These picture were taken by Daughter, I just moved them from Facebook to here!)


Karen said...

I love the idea of having holiday breakfasts. This morning as I was preparing food for our bbq, I thought about how exhausted I was and how I already wished the day was over! I know, not very positive thinking. And honestly, I wondered why we couldn't just do a 4th of July brunch! As it turns out, everyone wanted to go home to watch fireworks, instead of driving home late at night. So, you are right, it's the perfect thing.

Rebecca said...