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Sunday, July 24, 2016

July Stay-cation

THGGM has been on vacation this week!

On Monday he blew up the pool for the first time this summer.

On Tuesday THGGM went with Daughter and her kids to Millennium Park for the day.  I stayed home and did more moving and purging of things in the two bedrooms we switched around.  I'm liking it.
On Wednesday my sister and her grandson came to enjoy the pool with us, and for a while in the morning there were seven kids 10 and under here.

On Thursday THGGM and I drove to the Saugatuck/Douglas area to do some antiquing.  I bought a metronome!  I've always wanted one, even though I know I will hate it, as I am terrible at keeping time.   It also POURED while we were shopping.  A very kind cashier at the antique mall in Douglas gave me a garbage bag to sit on after he heard that I had left my window down about an inch.  EVERYTHING was soaking wet.  But we still had a great time!

(why are fake teeth so much fun?)
On Friday it was HOT.  We ate a picnic lunch INSIDE, but these guys spent most of the afternoon in the pool.  Pake bought everything for "make your own sundaes" which they did outside.

On Friday Hertsje had her tonsils out.  They were so large they were blocking 75% of her airway.  This should take care of the sleep apnea she's been having.
On Saturday Oldest Son and DiL1 had us over to their new home. They made brunch for us. It was incredible.  Their new home is amazing.  I'll ask if I can post a few pictures of it here, but I don't want to do that without permission.
On Sunday afternoon we went antique shopping in the Grand Haven area.
And would you look at that?
It's the red plaid tin picnic basket I've been wanting!
It is MINE!
I have a place for it on the breezeway, but it is so incredibly HOT out there today I'll have to wait to arrange it there until it cools off some.
That was our week, hope yours was just as fun!

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