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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ta Da!

So, THIS room is now our bedroom!
It used to be blue and was used as a sleep-over/playroom.  But for the past year or so it was just a huge jumble of messiness.  I'm not even sure why.
Last weekend THGGM painted it.
And after that, we moved in!
 When the room was blue, the Mary Cassatt print was what I decorated around.  I still think it works, so we continued with that theme.

This wall needs some work yet.
We aren't sure what exactly at this point.
Today we almost bought a maple dresser with a large matching mirror. It would go well with the wood trim and door colors, but not with anything else.
I have a few more things to try, but for now I shall leave it as is.
The glass front cabinet used to be in the hallway, but I rather like it in here!
I even did the thing where you turn the end paper part of the books to the outside so they all match.  Surprisingly, I LOVE it that way!
Just a few family pictures for now.
Isn't it cool how it looks like THGGM as a two year old is looking up at the family he now has? It just makes me sooo happy!

And, I must point out that I am TRYING not to go overboard with the beachy theme.
Just a few simple touches that I already have should do it.
Although I DID see a GREAT vintage pail and shovel at an antique mall today.  I squealed a little, but remembered that I got my red plaid tin picnic basket and set it back down.
Oh look!  That's me!
 Didn't know there was a smudge on the mirror until I looked at the picture.
We are still thinking about whether or not we will keep the white blinds, or switch to something darker.
Still undecided about curtains too.
I wouldn't  have to dig to deeply around here to come up with a variety of curtain options.
Or we may opt to purchase khaki and white buffalo check fabric to make our own.  
I'll be tweaking this table from now until the end of time.
It's just what I do.
All of this just sort of happened.
I wanted the bookcase, and there was still a nail in the wall so I hung the tulip picture on it.
The other option is an old barrister that a friend gave to us.  It's in our basement, but would look great right on that wall too.  Presently we are wondering just how much more moving around we want to do.  
Even with this wall still needing something more, it still has a cozy feel that I like.
We fully intended to move our gigantic sleigh bed into here.  But just using the headboard of the old iron bed that was in this room made it
 less crowded.  It also made the bed lower so I don't have to climb on a stool to get in and out of bed.  I'm sold.  This is staying and the sleigh bed is out of here.  And, because we are only using the head board, the "new" guest room will have the foot board as the head board.  Which looks equally well in that room.  I've still got a lot of work to do in there, but it is coming along better than I thought it would.
For me, it will be extremely difficult not to clutter it up in here.  That is my specialty.  But I've left many empty spaces for things I may have forgotten about, so that should help (maybe).


Karen said...

Thank you for sharing and letting me peek. Our next project is to paint our bedroom and decorate in there. It's always the last room that gets attention, it seems. We are sorely in need of pictures and artwork for the walls. I love the Mary Cassat print! Interesting how our rooms are are so similar. Our headboard goes up against two small windows. I like your headboard because it lets so much light come through. We have a four poster, so it does the same.

Enjoy your day, Judy.

rebecca said...

Good for you, Judy! I like the look and agree that it IS cozy and inviting. We are in process of getting bids to update a downstairs bathroom and install 2 closets in a room on the main floor to use as OUR bedroom. The process is a great pain and when we finally DO get started, I'll have a lot of sorting through clutter to do, since that room is one where we have piled things up and closed the door to it.