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Monday, July 25, 2016

My Monday

So I brought in the ladder.

It needs some styling that I'm not sure I'm capable of doing.  I'll need to look around on Pinterest to see exactly how they layer coverlets and blankets and such.

Until this morning this held tablecloths.

Before that it had a baby theme.  Babies were a theme around here for about a decade, but now those babies are all big kids who are out of diapers and without binkies.

I'm moving on.
Of course, this area also required tweaking.


Not doing so well with my plan to not clutter it up.

I'm not sure that is even possible with me.

But, I am telling myself that I MUST stop adding things.

How was I able to do all of that on a day that I have kids?

Famke had her friend from down the street over for the day.  They played with their dolls ALONE in the basement, did crafts together, and played in the pool most of the afternoon.
Jonge and Feintsje played catch. Kado made things out of the Lego game pieces.

But there was quite awhile when they all played games together.
A Lego game, Spot It, and a Toy Story memory game.
They can do all of this without any help from me.
I did provide emotional support when one child felt that he was being picked on.  He wasn't, it was just the way the game played out. Now he knows why I'm not much of a game player.
Anyway, this new era of self-sufficiency is working out well.

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