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Monday, August 22, 2016

Last Week Monday at the Cottage

Kado found a net which made the PERFECT Pinocchio mask.

That is Daughter.  She enjoys making weird faces whenever I point my camera at her.
There goes Pake.
His only plans for this vacation were to snuggle grandchildren and float in the waves.

He got to do a lot of both!
Panning for gold.  Or maybe it's shells and fossils.
Just a few of the treasures panned form the lake.
Mother/Daughter picture in their beachwear.
The corn hole game got a lot of use.

So did Uno Roboto.
I had my afternoon coffee on the deck with Kado.
He is having chocolate milk, but it pretty much looks like the color of my coffee.
Notice the jadite mug.  There is a cupboard in the kitchen FILLED with them.

Have you ever played the game Concept?  Oldest Son brought it along for us to try.  Everyone liked it.

Seriously.  We are a game playing family.
Me, not so much.  Only because I seem to have lost my ability to learn new things.  Especially new things taught in the evening.

I read books.  A lot of books.

Have you ever played Headbands?

The picture below is as close to a sunset picture as Monday night would allow.

Still beautiful.

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