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Monday, August 22, 2016

Last Week Monday Morning

This was our beach for the week.  A bit less beach than last year, due to Lake Michigan being higher than normal.

This is looking south, with the Holland pier on the horizon.

There is also a nice sandy beach up the first set of stairs.  Plenty of room to do beachy things.
This is looking north.

The water and sky changed so many times during the day that every time we looked out it was different.
The kitchen in this cottage is so charming.

It felt to me like everyday I got to live in an antique mall booth!

Oldest Son and Daughter made our breakfast on Monday morning.

Daughter commented that she had never made pancakes while sitting down before.

It works!  

The smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes reaches all the way down to the deck, bringing a hungry Pake in for breakfast.

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Rebecca said...

I've enjoyed reading of your family time on the Lake. Looks like a perfect place to "be".... So happy for you.