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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday Night Sunset in Grand Haven

After a busy day of donuts, zoo, and Chinese food, THGGM and I got the idea that it would be wonderful to take Anne to Grand Haven to watch a lovely Lake Michigan sunset.

The pier in Grand Haven is in a year long process of being restored, and the catwalk was recently removed so it can be restored also.

It looks incredibly weird to see it like this.

Still beautiful, but different.

There we are!
And there is THGGM.
Behind him is a guy playing a guitar.  But we couldn't hear him very well.
A hot muggy day, yet the beach is nearly empty! The camp ground was full though.
I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at Lake Michigan.

This sunset was THE perfect way to end the day.
I could not stop taking pictures of it.
It just kept getting better and better.

We got to keep Anne over night!
Her husband is a musician, and their son arranged for him to have time in a recording studio and will be producing a CD for him.  So he had his fun with his son, and we got to keep Anne!

And I just bet you can't guess what we did on Saturday morning!

Oh, wait.  I bet you can!  We took her to breakfast with us and then to our two favorite thrift stores!

Of course we did.  It's really all we know how to do on a Saturday morning.  Are there other things?  Should we branch out a bit?  I don't see that happening, but it is a thought.  And after all that thrift shopping fun, and we ALL were successful, we had coffee and Steenstra's St. Claus Cookies before we brought Anne back to her family.


Rebecca said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!
Wish I could have gone along with you all...♥

Mitzi said...

Gorgeous photos!