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Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Weekend Fun

This was something new to us.
Although we've been talking about doing this for a long while now, we actually went to the Downtown Market.
What drew us in was the Vintage Market held once a month just out side of the actual market.
So many interesting things to see here.
It does appear to be more urban and trendy than I am or ever hope to be.
Until last week, my most recent purchase of EVO came from Menards.  I don't believe they sold that particular brand here.
Everything here looked tasty.
Looking out over Grand Rapids from the south.
The Vintage Market is going on below.
It really is a pretty place.
This view is looking west across US 131.
The Vintage Market had many things I would have LOVED to buy.
There were great amounts of plaid things like Thermos' and canvas carriers.
I saw a lovely blue and ivory wool blanket for $40.00.  I really wanted that, but for what reason I do not know.  It just looked perfect for something.
What I did get was a glass covered jar.  The price was right, and I've been looking for one in between the two sizes that I already have.
Once I do with it what I plan to do with it, I will show you what I did with it!
This was the last Vintage Market for 2016.

I think we shall be interested in becoming regular attenders next year.

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