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Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Fall Ball

I'm really beginning to LOVE the idea of Fall Baseball!
Jonge is doing very well pitching!
Oldest Son and Daughter-in-law1 live in walking distance to this ball park.
Grand Rapids has many lovely parks that I have known NOTHING about, even though I've lived all of my 58 years in this area.
It really is wonderful to sit outside all afternoon when the sun is shining and the humidity is GONE.
And there is always so much to see!
Kado found a lot of interesting things in the grass.
Feintje unexpectedly found a SNAKE.
That freaked him out a bit.
When Jonge is on the bench or in the outfield, it's time for Feintsje to play ball.  With anybody. He really does not care who.
Son-in-law found the best seats, right behind home plate.
This boy is just as wild about baseball as his oldest brother.
This is Huff Park, by Aberdeen and Ball.
The ball fields are beautiful.
And there is Jonge, out standing in his field.
See what I mean?
Such a beautiful park!

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