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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Monday Afternoon Crafting Partner

It's Tuesday now, but it was Monday yesterday, and we made things!
Hertsje likes to look at the things I've pinned to my Pinterest  Boards and pick out the things that she would like to try!

It should be shocking how many craft supplies I have on hand, but you know me, always prepared.

She found some cute popsicle stick ballerinas, but I did talk her into using the wooden spoons instead, as they are a bit larger which makes them easier to handle.
I have NO IDEA why Blogger won't let me post my words by the correct picture, but it won't.  In the picture below she is holding MY ballerinas, who are named Balle and Rina.  Aren't we clever?

She takes making crafts VERY seriously.

Her dolls are named Polka and Dot.

Very creative names, if you ask me!

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