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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Afternoon

My up-north sister came on Tuesday.
She brought along an activity book that she thought Hertsje might enjoy using when she gets here after her morning preschool.

Hertsje was coloring in it at the dining room table, or so I thought.

I heard her say my name and looked up from loading the dishwasher.

And THIS is what I saw!
(of course, i wasn't taking pictures of myself loading the dishwasher, so this pictures is just a tad bit posed.)
She asked to see THAT picture, which as you can imagine started a fun time for Hertsje, switching out "eye balls" and then looking at herself in the picures!

I do not know what YOU do in the afternoons, but I highly doubt that you have as much fun as I do!  

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

No. It's safe to say I don't have NEArlY as much fun as you do! :)