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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Wednesday Afternoon at the Lake

After we hiked out of the woods, we drove to a different area of the beach.
There was much running down and jumping off of sand dunes.
These boys LOVE the beach.
So does Pake, except that he was being turned into lunch for the nastiest tiny black flies.
Finally, he could not take it any longer and we left the beach.
It was a yellow flag day.
Lake Michigan is beautiful, but it needs to  be respected.
Later on Wednesday, after we were home, two teen-aged boys drowned near the pier in Holland.
No one ever thinks it will happen to them.
Well, I shouldn't say "no one" as I always think if a bad thing can happen, it will happen to me.
We were a bit reluctant to picnic in the woods, but we found a lovely shady spot and were not visited at all by biting black flies.
We did have two visitors though.
This black squirrel, and a red tailed hawk that circled over head the entire time we were eating.

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