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Monday, October 10, 2016

I Had a Dream

Over the weekend I had a dream that I took a plaid Thermos and turned it into a Christmas caroler.
When I woke up, I thought I'd give it a try to see if it would actually work.
I really liked it, and made three more.
I still have several different colors and styles of Thermos' around here so I may end up with a fairly large choir.
They are made from five very simple items.
A Thermos, a doily, a wooden ball, and two pipe cleaners - one to hold out the doily, and one for a halo.
So simple!  And, nothing is glued down, so if I decide they don't work anywhere in my house, all I need to do is put all the parts away.
I don't think it could be any more simple than that.
Daughter told me that she HATES them.
Silly girl.
I think this means she shall get one for Christmas!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

What are the doilies lying on? (i.e. the "shoulders")
I like 'em. (Does that mean I get one for Christmas?)