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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


One of Hertsje's favorite things to do is to look at my Pinterest board titled "Ideas for the Grandchildren".

So, yesterday she asked to do that.

The most interesting thing to her on that board were the Spin Drum girls.

So, we made them!
These are simple to make, and we entertained ourselves with them for quite some time.
Although I am very interested in crafting, my favorite part of it all is the conversations that ensue while we are making things.
These range from how a face is arranged, the beauty of pig-tails, and eye color choices, all the way to what kind of sounds different beads might make when slapped against the cardboard face.
Hertsje also had a very sore leg yesterday, so we also talked about how many things there are still to do even when it hurts to move around much.
There is a melancholy feeling that comes with watching grandchildren.
It's the knowledge that they won't remember this.
A few weeks ago I was sitting on the couch watching "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" with Feintsje, who came home from school not feeling so well.  Kado joined us, we added a blanket and a bowl of snacks.  I looked over at the two of them, remembering how this used to be our afternoons for quite a few years.  So I said to them, "Doesn't this feel like how it used to be when we would do this?"  They both gave me blank stares.  Kado said, "We used to to this?"  Feintsje added, "I don't remember."
Well, I remember.
And I miss it very much.
So on I go - making things, doing things, reading things that no one will remember.
Which, by the way, I LOVE every minute of.
Hopefully, it is doing some good for them.
I know it is for me.

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