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Saturday, October 29, 2016

This Week

Pake had Monday off this week.
So he was around to have fun with Hertsje and I in the afternoon.
Although, on this particular Monday, we did not make things.

Instead, we played school with Pake!
He hasn't had the chance to do that yet, so it was especially exciting for the two of them.
Here Hertsje is being the teacher.
Pake learned a lot in her classroom.
We sang the days of the week song, and he even got to be the weather watcher.

When Hertsje came on Tuesday afternoon, she was all excited about the Open House happening at her pre-school in the evening.
While we were waiting for her mom to pick her up, I asked her how I could find her classroom.
She told me AND showed me how to walk through the first doorway, walk a little bit more, then twist my body and go through the next door and that would be her classroom!
I responded by saying that if I could not find it, I would just yell out "HERTSJE!"
She looked absolutely appalled, held up her hand and said, "Do NOT do THAT."
So I didn't.
Because her directions were perfect and I found her room just fine.

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