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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Where Have I Been?

A week ago, THGGM and I travelled to Wisconsin for our annual fall visit with family.
We had a WONDERFUL time.
I feel sad for people who do not have amazing relatives like we do.
I took nearly 400 pictures on our trip.
This year I did not drag along my laptop nor did I crop and post pictures as the days went by.
No.  I saved all of that until I got home.
Well, THAT was not such a great idea after all.
THGGM had Monday off, and as we were sitting around our living room Monday morning I began to go through my emails.
There was one from FedEx, saying that I had missed a package delivery.
I mentioned this to THGGM, asking if he had ordered anything. 
He answered, yes, but he couldn't recall what it was.
Silly me.
In the SECONDS between when I asked that question and he remembered that his delivery had in fact been received, I clicked on the email.
Immediately, my computer went all wonky.
My computer was infected with the DECRYPT virus, which holds one's pictures hostage until a ransom is paid.
This virus has been around for a bit, wrecking havoc on businesses. 
I am an old gray haired grandmother with PICTURES. 
Please do not even ask if I had backed up my files.  Okay.  since you asked anyway, I DID back up many of them, but not all.  It isn't like it is free to do that, and my space was full, meaning I would have had to purchase more storage.  Apparently, it doesn't count that I was thinking of doing that. 
My amazing Son-in-law took my computer and was able to rid it of the virus, but nothing but paying the ransom would bring my pictures back, and I do believe it is already too late for that now.  After much intensive Googling, it appears even the FBI suggests that one just pays the ransom. 
Of course, it could be much worse.  I know that.  Most of my pictures appear on Facebook or this blog, so there is that. 
But, still.
I am so angry! 
I can barely sleep at night if I even think that something I have said without thinking may have hurt somebody else's feelings.  How do these people who do this kind of stuff sleep at night?  Ugh.  I do not know.
Anyway, all is not lost!  I've been trying to get comfortable using the camera on my Kindle Fire.  So, after four days of being away, I DO have this picture that came out somewhat decently.  This is my cousin's beautiful dog, Honey.  Honey wants me to throw that tennis ball for her.  So, there you have it, a picture from my fall vacation.
Now I am going to sulk and mourn a bit more, then I shall return with the silver lining.  Because, you know, there is ALWAYS a silver lining.
This silver lining will also reveal a bit more of my stupidity (yes, really, truly, it will) so I am giving myself a teeny tiny break before I admit to another incredibly dumb thing that I have done. 
Sometimes it is just so very difficult to be me.
But we had a GREAT vacation! 

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Debra said...

Oh no! Thanks for the warning about the email. Good grief. Hoping you get your pictures back somehow! Blessings, Debra