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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thrifty and Fun Finds

Over the past two weekends I found a few fun things at the thrift store and thrift store-ish places.
One was this little wooden chair that works great for the American Girl doll.
I paid $2.00 for this.
What a deal.
It doesn't take much at all to add a few punches of fall color to a table or two.
This piece...
...and this piece were .25 cents.
Works for me!
I also found this lovely piece of linen for .50 cents to recover the sewing machine bench.

And, I have always wanted a plate rack like this!
It will hang over that civil war era dresser someday soon.
I haven't yet decided what dishes to display on it.
But, I think figuring that out will be great fun!
And I do not lack for plates.
I did not need this basket.
Nor the wooden fruit that fills this basket.
But I like it.
There are occasions for which one must throw caution to the wind and purchase produce that will never rot.

Over the past few weekends I struck thrift store gold in the fat old lady clothing department.
I picked up a bunch of shirts and four pair of jeans.  The shirts are a bit on the large size, but I figure that if I have to, I could gain weight.  Okay.  That wasn't funny, but I could, as gaining weight is one of those things I am awfully good at.  So, after I got the great deals, there was an email in my box the very next day saying that ALL clothing was on sale this week for a dollar.  I went back yesterday and picked up four more shirts.  These appear to be brand new, never been warn, some with tags still on shirts.  Not fancy at all, but then neither am I.  Yay!
So, that's what I've been up to.

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Debra said...

Such awesome finds, Judy! Had to laugh at your 'fat old lady clothing department' line. I'm shopping there now, too. :)

Someday I'm gonna have a bigger house again so I can collect wonderful things like you do! Thanks for the inspiration, my friend. Blessings, Debra