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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Fancy Nancy Came Today

It was Book Day at Hertsje's preschool today.
She dressed up as Fancy Nancy!
At school she was dressed MUCH fancier, but relieved herself of her fancy scarf, fancy jewelry, and fancy hair accessories (accessories is a fancy word for stuff) before she arrived here.
I've missed "fancy" Hertsje, as she normally comes from preschool in her uniform.
Her personality shows through here.
Her preferred look is "comfortable fancy".

At lunch time she noticed that I had a few things set out on my dining room table.
On Wednesday I brought up ONE box of Christmas decor from the basement.
Just a few things with a wintery theme, as at some point this gorgeous fall weather is going to end with cold and snow taking over.
It happens every year.
So, there was a box, a few leafless small trees, deer, small snowmen, and a cottage.
She lit up like a Christmas tree and said "We could make a box town with these!
That gave me the idea to just turn the box they had been packed in into the box town, and suddenly we were off into a fabulous imaginary town of her making!
There were even stars shining in the night in this town of hers.
Really, nothing at all "fancy" about this.
There never really needs to be with this one.
She is creative, expressive, inventive, not to mention persuasive.
She tried talking me into getting another cottage so there could be neighbors.
I said I didn't have one.
She said she'd wait right there while I tried to make one.
I did try, with blocks, but she was not impressed.
Her advice was that I get one from the thrift store next time I'm there.
 I know what I'll be doing on Saturday.


Mitzi said...

Your Grandaughter is adorable! It's no wonder the kids enjoy coming to your house, You are so creative and fun.
Enjoy your trip to the thrift store.

Judy said...

I didn't find another cottage. But I certainly did look!