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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Fun Find

This was my other find at the antique mall in Indiana last weekend.
I saw it the week before, but didn't get it.
So since we went back, and it was still there, I got it!
I now have THREE similar mugs like this, which means that I must collect them!
(Yay.  More collections, said THGGM never.)

I haven't arranged them yet.
There's no hurry, as soon I will be getting out a few bottle brush trees and pine cones which means everything will be moved around in the not so distant future.
I promised THGGM that I would not switch out the fall decor until the day after Thanksgiving.
And a promise is a promise.


Rebecca said...

What?!? You came to Indiana and didn't look me up?!?!

Mitzi said...

I love your collection.