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Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Weekend

Saturday THGGM and I went to our usual thrift store and looked at all the usual things there.
We left feeling a bit unusual, and decided to head to a few local antique malls.
THGGM is looking for hardware for the dresser he purchased in Wisconsin, and thought that may be the best place to look.
You don't have to ask ME twice if I want to go antique shopping!
His hunt for hardware was not successful.
I went just to look at everything, and to see what jumped out at me that I could justify purchasing with pocket change. (Um.., THGGM's pocket change that is...)
I found this!
Sunbonnet Girls.  Sigh...
The stamp on the bottom told me it was made in Germany.
It also had a sticker telling me it was Holly Hobbie.  It isn't.  And that is fine with me!
Anyway, we are still on the hunt for hardware.  THGGM has found something suitable on Ebay, since half the fun is the hunt, we shall continue to look around, knowing that we don't NEED to be knob-less if nothing turns up locally.
Oh.  And did I mention that this cute little cup was on sale?  It was.  Be still my heart...

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