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Friday, December 30, 2016

Later On Christmas Day

Kado and Broeder had a WONDERFUL time making up stories with their new toys.
They were really entertaining to watch!

THGGM kept an eye on the sweets!

Which, of course, were balanced by healthy choices.
Seriously though, was I EVER thankful that I had already baked everything I needed for Christmas day.
This year we planned ahead to make sure there were quiet places to go to.
We even had an entire room set aside for coloring! This was DiL1's brilliant idea. Wish I had pictures of the more introverted of us enjoying ourselves away from the flurry of activity.
As always, Pake was around to cuddle with. I do believe that is his favorite Christmas activity!

So many teeny tiny Lego pieces!
Oldest Son was in Lego heaven.
Zeke had a wonderful day too.
Here he is, waiting for someone to drop something tasty.
Mostly, Famke and Hertsje played with their new gifts in the doll's room in the basement.  Occasionally they would reappear for games or treats!
I am SOOO glad to have my good camera back.
I certainly did miss the sketch effects option.
For some,  playing games and building with Lego was all they needed.
By this time in the day, I was just sooo relieved that my new toaster/convection oven had worked and Christmas Brunch 2016 was in the books.
It also cooked the Cheesy Potatoes we had for dinner in half the time. See? A blessing in disguise.
If you had told me that earlier in the week, I would have thought about punching you.
But then, there is NO hitting at Beppe's house.
More cuddling!
Christmas through the eyes of a three year old was delightful to behold.
These babies I used to have are growing up.
But I've learned from experience with my first baby that that doesn't mean that they lose the wonder of Christmas.
Or the love of playing games.
It brought a smile to my face one day earlier in the month when the UPS man brought me a package. I opened it to find a Lego set I did not order for the grand kids. I was afraid that a mistake had been made. When I brought it to THGGM's attention he told me it was one of his gifts to Oldest Son, from his Amazon wish list.
I've also never lost my love of all things Christmas, and I hope that YOU never do either!


Mitzi said...

I love your life.You seem to have a very close family dynamic.
Your home looks so cozy and comfy. You definately have a knack for decorating with all your treasures.
Happy New Year-hope to run into you in the stores again soon.

Tournesol said...

Hi Judy, your pictures are wonderful. I love the sketch effect too. Your decorating is so homey and beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!