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Friday, December 02, 2016

Thanksgiving Was Over a Week Ago?

I am finding it impossible to believe that Thanksgiving 2016 has already come and gone.
It was an exceptionally wonderful Thanksgiving too!
My Up-North sister and brother-in-law have been our hosts for decades.
As always, the food and the company were amazing!
We all looked pretty much like this after we ate, and while we waited for pie.
It was a bit misty from time to time, but still an okay day for playing outside.
That's my baby dunking the basketball.  And my youngest nephew, whom we refer to as "Uncle Cousin" looking on.
This is my baby's baby playing in the mud. He LOVED it!
Pake played Four Square with whomever wanted to play.
Inside there were video games and football on TV. 
The Lion's won!

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