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Friday, December 02, 2016

Let the Christmas Crafting Begin!

Or, should I say.., continue?
Because we are ALWAYS crafting around here.
This particular ornament was made on Monday, but lately it isn't just on Monday that we make things.
My Pinterest Board is FULL of things I WANT to make.
This one we just came up with on our own.

 And this one is TOTALLY from Hertsje's fabulous imagination.
If you can't tell, it is a monster snowman with A LOT of eyes.
Do notice that the monster maker has THREE eyes.
I'm always thrilled when children can easily follow directions and make something recognizable.
I'm also equally thrilled to see children come up with their own ideas for things and have the freedom to do it!
The two of us have a great time creating things, but I'm guessing that is obvious.

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