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Monday, February 20, 2017

It's Monday So We Made Things!

In an effort to use up my hoard of crafting supplies, I dug out two cardboard pieces that I had purchased on clearance at Michael's after Halloween one year, in the bygone days of yore.
There were two witches hats left, and I didn't want to pay the price for Styrofoam cones for Christmas tree making, so I bought the witch's hats and took them apart.
But then I never made trees out of them.
So, Hertsje has been really into unicorns lately, so I thought, why not try to fashion one out of a cardboard cone?
The cone was just a little bit to wide at the base for a unicorn horn, I thought, but Hertsje deemed it PERFECT!
I am LEARNING, after three children of my own, and six grandchildren, that if THEY think it is good enough, it is good enough.
She was over the moon pleased with the outcome.
Then, the moment of truth, when it came to her that she had never looked more like a princess in her life!

On Monday, we make really truly cool stuff out of junk I have around my house.

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