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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yes, She Did That.

I carved a few more stamps.
So much to re-learn in picking up this hobby again after all these years.
But it IS coming back to me, ever so slowly.
Perusing Pinterest for hand carved stamp ideas has been truly helpful.
That is where I found the idea for the coffee stamp.
For this stamp I used one of my giant erasers, cut up.
Those have actually worked the best.
Next best has been the pink product made for stamp carving.
After that any old cheap eraser you can find.
So far, the worst for me has been the white product made for carving.
It works fine for large cuts, like the square I carved to make the buffalo plaid (by the way, I LOVE that!)
But it is a flaky material, so when carving the small girl almost all of the detail crumbled away.
I'm not TOO sad about that, as I can use what's left for more solid stamps, and the one that crumbled I can just add the detail after I stamp it.
And just in case you've been wonder, I am STILL February tired. Today I had plans to get up at my normal time, so I set my alarm. Daughter was going to stop by to drop something off that one of her children would want to use after school. So, I planned to have coffee with her before she went to work. My alarm went off, I hit the snooze ONE time (I clearly remember this) but it never went off again. So, Daughter came. When I didn't open the door for her she let herself in. There was no me there to greet her. Just a dog (who did NOT bark) who wanted to go out. Apparently, she checked to make sure I was still alive, which was terribly kind of her because if I wasn't alive someone should probably be made aware of it, and deemed me too deeply asleep to bother. She is sweet like that. I slept another HOUR after my normal alarm time.
Don't know what else to do. I've been getting in bed by nine thirty and only reading for about two hours.
Apparently, it isn't the snow and cold that puts me into the hibernation mood. It's February.
Oh, and I truly don't mind sleeping in, but I was looking forward to having coffee with Daughter!
(I asked, she did not take a picture, thank goodness.)

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