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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

On Monday AND Tuesday We Made Things!

Empty Glucerna bottles, thirfted Styrofoam balls, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, fabric scraps and odd socks were our jumping off point for making dolls.
The rest we added as we went along: yarn for hair, snips from a red rubber band for mouths, etc.
My designer has imaginative skills!
Some of the fabric (think wool socks) were too difficult for her to cut, but when I showed her how to rip strips of fabric to make belts and scarves she got right to work!
 We think they came out kind of cute.
On Tuesday we made a few more, so the original three sisters jumped to six!
That's a lot of sisters!
For most of the rest of Tuesday, these dolls traveled around with Hertsje.
They had a lot of interesting discussions, as only sisters can, and they also slept in a variety of unusual places covered in the remaining fabric scraps.
I wasn't too sure how they would hold up, as we made them quickly, only using glue to keep the socks from unraveling.
But they held up to the rigors of play quite well, only losing a mouth here and there.
Tomorrow I think we shall give them a string of hearts to hold, allowing them to be a Valentine decoration.
If I REALLY want to get practical, I suppose we could fill them with candy to actually be used as Valentine's!

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Rebecca said...

Names? Maybe you could make nametags next Monday & Tuesday..