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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Random Thoughts for a Saturday

1. I still occasionally have a deep thought, but rarely are they worth sharing. If I ever have one that I think share-worthy, I will tell you. No one seems to be asking what I think about anything anymore so I've been on a bit of a mental vacation.
2. Most of my thoughts lately have revolved around what I can do to earn some money. I'm not coming up with much. I have no marketable skills. I used to, but they have gone the way of the dinosaur.
3. Sometimes I like to sit around, looking out my window, wondering where exactly I went wrong. But that isn't nearly as fun as thinking about where everyone else has gone wrong. Maybe I could have people pay ME to tell THEM where they went wrong. That would be a fun job.  Then, and I have no doubt about this, those people would tell me where I went wrong and quite possibly I could do something about it. But right now? I have no idea where I went wrong. Seems like I was on a good path, headed somewhere when suddenly the path changed, the scenery changed and all the guidelines disappeared. I do not enjoy this.
4. Soon I shall try my hand at selling on Ebay. This scares me, but then everything does. But, I have a lot of "stuff" and most of it I don't need anymore. Hopefully someone else will want it. I've been told that people will buy anything. One can always hope. Because I pretty much have all the anything there is to be had.
5. My computer has been acting up lately. For a few months now it won't let me down load pictures from my camera. So, I have to use THGGM's computer to do that. But recently his computer does wonky things, things like freezing up when I am altering pictures. Due to the constant flipping around of computers rarely do I feel like posting pictures. Except for today. Today I decided to stick it out until I got a few posts on here. Tens of people want me to do this. And besides, this has become my memory. If I do not post it, it didn't happen.
6. And how empty would every one's lives be if they didn't see what I made on Mondays? Or mine, if I didn't post and a Saturday went by where you did not know what I found at the thrift store? Well, let me tell you, last Saturday we drove to a couple of different towns and returned home with nothing. Of course I found something at my local thrift store, but not at the others. But since I did not post last Saturday, I no longer remember what things I bought. Now that is driving me crazy. Well, that and a bunch of other stuff.
7. All too frequently, I use the words "but", "well", and "so". Among others. I do try to stop, and I try to use "and" less and not start my sentences with "I". But, so far, that isn't working out so well.
8. I get tired and cranky in February. Mostly I thought it was because of the lack of sun and all the snow. Maybe that is part of it, sometimes. But today was sunny and warm with snow only in huge dirty parking lot mountains. Yet I still feel all February-ish.
9. This week I finished reading "The Romanov Sisters" a very good book if you like history and don't worry about history repeating itself. Because it does, and reading history is scary. Certainly there must be SOME happy history SOMEWHERE that I could read.
10. Wednesday of this week I removed every evidence of winter from my house. I brought up the empty bins from the basement, filling them to capacity and beyond. I dragged them out to the porch for THGGM to carry back to the basement for me. It felt good to put it away. I made myself a cup of coffee all while congratulating myself on all that hard work. Then, I got up, walked into my pretty pink bathroom, and noticed a highly decorated aluminum Christmas tree sporting a plethora of Shiny Brite ornaments, and I swear, it laughed at me. How did I NOT remember this? Well, it made me that weird sort of angry that only I get at myself. I made myself another cup of coffee while deciding that it could stay there til Spring for all I care. Instead, I took it all down and put it away on Friday, when it actually did feel like spring.
11. I ordered new glasses this week. I also was ordered to have my retinas and my corneas checked by a specialist in those areas. Just for fun, I think. And because the people in my family have had trouble in those areas, and my pressure always runs high. Since it always does, it would seem that I could save myself the trouble and the money by saying that the doctor will tell me that mine always runs high. See what I mean about being cranky in February?
12. But for the most part, like if I avoid ANY and ALL news and remain home humming happy tunes to myself and carving rubber stamps out of pink erasers, I am fine. Totally fine. Happy to be alive fine. Then, right around 9:00 every night THGGM listens to Bach on his favorite CD and  Bach adagios have the ability to make me want to stuff cotton in my ears and loudly hum to drown it out. Bach adagios are SAD. I recall reading somewhere that the Dutch were listening to Bach in the days before the German invasion and my fears of history repeating itself goes into high gear. So I go to bed to read about the Romanov's, because that ends so well.  Yeah. February is a tough month for me. My mom told me it would be. She didn't know why either.
13. Tomorrow it is supposed to again be sunshiny and warm. And I shall attempt to be the same.


Mitzi said...

It is so good to hear from you. Your self doubts are needless. You are an amazingly talented woman and a Great grandmother. I love all you collections and crafts! I wish you were my neighbor.

Rebecca said...

Honestly. I mean REALLY honestly, I believe you could and should be able to take Erma Bombeck's place. Not sure exactly how you should go about that, and it IS a new age in the sense of technology, but SURELY there is some way to monetize your incredible wit and wisdom.

In between my chuckles, I recognize an incredible heart that is full of emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other. I commiserate. I laugh with you. I cry with you. ♥

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

As always I enjoyed your random thoughts! Lisa :O)