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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

It's APRIL Already?!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks around here. Spring has arrived, bringing rain. So when it ISN'T raining, we make every effort to get outside. The three oldest grandsons all have roller blades, and Famke has her bike here, so they find plenty to do to keep themselves busy. The youngest two grand kids still enjoy all of the wheelie bits we have in our garage.  My part seems to be to keep a steady supply of bandaides on hand (and elbows, knees, etc.) Feintsje's roller blades aren't very fast, but he has balance down. He roller bladed to my door, asking for scissors. Hmm. Handing scissors to a five year old wearing roller blades just didn't sound like a good idea to me. So someone brought them to him. Apparently, my lawn needed a trim. Feintje is the kind of boy who likes to have a job to work on. This kept him busy for a looong time! And he was so intent as he went about his work.
In other news, I got my next blood text results, and my doctor was very pleased! The new blood tests all came back normal, and of the two that had been high, one is normal, and one is headed in that direction, having dropped by 50%.
And THGGM, he has dropped 26 pounds.
Me, I'm down 15..
Nothing shows. Which happens when you have a lot to lose. It's over fifteen years since I've lost anything, so, any movement in the right direction is a good thing, right?
(please say yes)

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