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Monday, March 20, 2017

Grand Daughters Monday!

Famke arrived early this morning as she was not feeling well.
Thankfully, as the day went on she started to recover.
By the time Hertsje arrived after pre-school, she was up and around.
After lunch she seemed almost as good as ever!
I was SOOO excited, as it is MONDAY, and on Monday, we make things!
They didn't really want to make the things I was making, but they didn't mind playing with what I made!
Those are casts on the American Girl doll.
Yes, my doll, Elizabeth, broke her arm and leg being a cheerleader.
The "casts" were fun to make!
They are just empty toilet paper rolls covered in Duct Tape!
After I covered them I cut through one side.
Works like a charm!
Famke got on line to use a program they use in her classroom.
They listened to stories, worked out problems, did a quiz, and printed out their work pages all without any help from me.
Basically, once I heated up their soup for lunch, I became an unnecessary fixture in their day!

One of Hertsje's favorite pastimes is listening to stories.
Today it was Famke who read all of her favorite stories to her,
They even found a site to download the pictures that they wanted to color.
But the BEST time was had when they played house together.
They were equally enchanted in their own little world with a couple of dolls, and what seemed to be friends I could not see.
I didn't even ask.
It was a LOVELY day!
When the boys came after school they played outside, so these two didn't even have to contend with the boys messing with their setup.
I have an idea that when Hertsje comes after pre-school tomorrow, it's going to be a bit boring compared to today!

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