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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ten Random Thoughts for a Gloomy Saturday

Look. I've got nothing. No pictures from this week, not even one. And it was a GREAT week! This weekend it was Jonge's turn for a sleep-over. He is 11 now, nearly as tall as I am, and seems to have more in common with Pake than with me. They went to dinner together, went to a movie, and came home after my bedtime. I did stay up to greet them, which I thought was rather kind of me, don't you? Of course, they both humored me by tagging along with me on my regular Saturday morning adventures, but Jonge didn't find anything that interested him. When we got home, he and Pake headed to the basement to watch a movie based on a book Jonge just finished for school. They both LOVED it. Of course, being the well-brought-up guys that they are, they DID invite me. I just have no affinity for anything dystopian, so that is on me.
In an effort to post something to this blog, I'll have to go with random thoughts.
Random Thought Number One: I am reading ANOTHER interesting book about Laura Ingals Wilder. This one is called Libertarians on the Prairie. From this one it is becoming more and more obvious that Rose actually did the writing of the books, using Laura's stories Not that it isn't obvious to most people already, but it is interesting to read things that back it up. Anyone who has read the series, and then that last book at the end that Rose wasn't a part of, it's notable that that writing isn't at all the same. I'm just over half-way done with the book, and it is holding my attention. I ordered it through Book Bub for $1.99. It is a well-researched book which answered questions that I had from reading other books that touched on this topic.
Two:  March has been a month of doctor's appointments for me. Last year we had made an unfortunate mistake in our insurance. Not much at all was covered and the co-pay was ridiculous. Thankfully, we made it though 2016 in good health for two old people born in 1958. (Yay us! We were born in '58 and we turned 58!) So, in January we both had doctor's appointments and blood work. My blood work showed a few wonky things, one of which resulted in my getting an ultra-sound of my liver, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder and right kidney. It all came back good, so hopefully my next blood test in two weeks will reflect that as well. Oh, and I also had a completely different ultra-sound at a different location earlier that morning. That one came back good too! Yay!
Three: For lent (which i follow every decade or so) I gave up refined sugar. Yes, I know. I am diabetic which means I should have given it up years ago, but it crept back in like the horrible addiction it is. So, if that had been effected negatively in my blood work, I would have understood. But that was in the okay range. Hmm. Anyway, good to know that my metformin is working. So, I gave up sweets, which truly wasn't as hard to do as I thought it would be. AND when one's blood work is questionable, it never hurts to have a slightly anxious tummy to remind you to keep a close account of what one puts into one's mouth. Yes. I'm sure that had something to do with it also. And then it got easier to give up other refined foods. Like bread.
Four: While I was giving up things that aren't good for me I also stopped drinking my one can of Diet Coke a day. I thought that would be harder to do too! Instead, I'm just adding lemon to my water, and drinking waaay more water than I had been. Which was pretty much just enough to swallow my pills. Look at me, doing the right thing and all that!
Five: THGGM is out doing the grocery shopping right now. His list looks TOTALLY different than the last grocery list he shopped from. This one is filled with things that will require me to actually COOK. I really don't mind cooking, I just hate how daily it is. So, apparently in this new lifestyle we are attempting to live, the question of "What's for dinner?" Will no longer be followed by "I don't know, what places do we have coupons for?" Anyway, I'm actually not dreading this at all. Don't tell ANYONE, but I am almost enjoying it. Almost. I said ALMOST.
Six: Just after I finished with number five, the groceries arrived! Have I mentioned how much I appreciate it that THGGM does the shopping? He is good people. And he HATES shopping with me, as I tend to take too long looking at everything. His idea of shopping is to hurry in and  get out of there as fast as possible. I like to look at stuff. Most weekends he drops me off at Michael's so I can look at stuff while he gets groceries. This arrangement works out quite well for us.
Seven: So, I just noticed that since we shall be eating like this forever, it would be nice if our crisper drawers were larger. Hmm. Another thing to note is that only ONE item needed to go into the pantry. My spice drawer did increase some too. I shall be sure to let you know how much I like Tumeric. That came from Penzey's. I get my good cinnamon from there also. There is a very noticeable difference, in my humble opinion.
Eight: On Monday, Hertsje and I did not make things, or I would have had pictures to post. She has become more interested in reading, and I am ALWAYS okay with that! I did spend some time drawing with Kado after school a couple of days this week. He is very excited to write and illustrate his own books. You can learn a lot about a child by reading the books they write! Maybe someday he will let me post one to my blog, so you can enjoy them too! We are kind-hearted people like that.
Nine: Since I haven't yet mentioned what I purchased on our shopping foray this morning, I will tell you. I bought two pink and white plaid napkins which now reside in my pretty pink bathroom, a lovely paperback retelling of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - which I think Hertsje will enjoy, and a really pretty shirt by Bechamel in an interesting color which also has a lot of tucks and tone on tone embroidery. At Michael's I used my 50% off coupon to buy a cute pair of 18 inch doll pajamas which also came with pink slippers and an eye mask.  Oh, and two more packs of white card stock, which I will cut in half to use for drawing paper (it also works well for making books!) Please DO keep in mind that I tell you right off that I am boring. Remember?
Ten: Do you give to PBS when they have a pledge drive? It's been awhile for me. This is the THIRD Saturday in a row that they have interrupted my viewing pleasure of Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By. This is hard for me. They are getting to me. So many good causes, so little money.
Well. There you go. Ten, count them, TEN random thoughts for a Gloomy Saturday.
I'm done now.
(THGGM just informed me that he has already lost EIGHT pounds. Eight pounds in one week! How does that happen? My wedding ring isn't even loose! I'll just go now and be happy for him. My mom told me that life wasn't fair, so I'll cope.., somehow.)

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Rebecca said...

Sounds like you are on a wonderfully healthy path! Good for you. Re #5, I am cooking SO much more since my father came to live with us. Now it DOES occupy my time and takes up extra space in my head, but I AM enjoying it. We're definitely saving money by not eating out so much, too. Sometimes I mentally add up how much we would have paid for the meal I just cooked at a restaurant, and I'm shocked. (Don't get me wrong, I still say "yes" to an occasional suggestion to eat out.)

Not sure WHAT I'd do if I had to cut out sweets. And I DO want to pick up a bag of lemons. I've read that squeezing some into a glass of warm water and drinking it first thing in the morning is good for just about EVERYthing...