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Friday, March 10, 2017

First EVER Sleep-over

A week ago was Feintsje's first ever SOLO sleep-over with us!
He was made well aware by his siblings what the protocol is for sleep-overs.
So, when asked what HE wanted to do, he had his itinerary all set!
First, he wanted to go to dinner at the Burger King with the play place.
Then he wanted to go to the grocery store by his school (which is nowhere near us!) to buy a stuffed Beanie Baby owl that he had seen there one day when Pake took the kids there for a snack after he picked them up from school.
Next he wanted to go back to ourses guyses (he rarely speaks like this anymore, and we miss it!) house to watch a movie.
Well, those are EXACTLY the things we did!
We spent a LOOOONG time at the play place, which happened to be inhabited by adorable and well behaved children  It only took him seconds at the grocery store to find HIS owl (and pick up a few treats for the movie!) He said he wanted to watch Jurassic Park, but that certainly wasn't something we would ever do with a five year old, or a first ever solo sleep-over! So, we picked out something he had seen before and enjoyed.
The things that the siblings apparently didn't mention was that either Pake or I will read them a story in bed and lie with them and talk until they fall asleep, or, if it's Pake, his snoring becomes too annoying. So, Pake read Good Night Richard Rabbit to Feintsje. Things were going along smoothly for a first time sleep-over. He seemed to be falling asleep. So was Pake. Pake told me later that Feintsje said to him in his serious voice. "What are you still doing here?" Pake said he was just waiting until he fell asleep. Feintjse told Pake, "You don't need to do that."  So, that seemed like his cue to leave! Nice to know sleeping over night with us and no siblings was fine with him!
On Saturday morning we did all of our usual boring stuff, which he didn't seem as excited about as I was. He asked Pake if they could go back to the play place at Burger King for lunch. That did not sound fun to me so I stayed back.
Thankfully, he arrived home just in time to spend the next three days sick with a nasty stomach bug!
The above picture is of him playing his favorite inside game with Pake. It's called Hide-The-Ring. He is extremely good at this.
On the down side, I had more pictures, but they somehow disappeared into the depths of THGGM's computer, which is the one I need to use for downloadig my pictures. Just trust me, this is an EXCITING game for these two, for me, not so much. My short-term memory is so bad that I fear when it was my turn to head the ring, I'd never remember where I put it! Good thing he is so good at finding it, because I don't think THGGM's memory is much better!

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