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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Easter Egg Hunt

Time to line up, get your bag, and listen to the few simple instructions!
In past years this was similar to nailing Jello to a wall, but everyone has grown-up! No babies or toddlers in this family anymore.
Three to Five year old's got to get a wee bit of a head start.
AND, now that they are older, we could use the entire yard, not just the fenced-in part!
This made the egg hunt take longer and gave them a few more interesting hiding places to seek out.
Apparently though, the eggs in plain sight were the more difficult ones to find.

The Seven to Eleven year old's are now on the hunt.
There were a lot of guides to point the hunters into the right direction.
At this point in the hunt, we became aware that most of the egg hiders were over six feet tall.
There were even eggs hidden in the poky plant.
"I'm not sticking my arm in there!"
At last!
Time to sort through the bounty.
I can assure you, it took much less time to empty those eggs than it did to fill them!
 This is serious work!
Next year we may have to do an adult version of the egg hunt also.
They seemed to be having as much fun as the kids.

This is Feintsje's favorite holiday.
He's been asking about it since Christmas.
After the hunt, the gleaners showed up to finish the job!
I hope you and your family had a Happy Easter too!

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