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Saturday, April 22, 2017

My Niece Got Married Yesterday!

My beautiful niece and her handsome husband!
May they live happily ever after!

So, of course, I brought my camera.

I'm not good at all taking pictures inside, but I gave it a shot and got a few cute ones of the happy couple.

And then I just pointed my camera at my family, something that annoys them to no end, and snapped away.

Oldest Son.

I sat by him, so have many pictures.

Hopefully his vision will return soon, what with all the camera flashes he had to put up with.

My lovely oldest niece, sister of the bride, and also a bridesmaid.
The groom.

Welcome to the family!
Youngest Son and Daughter-in-law2. Lucky them, they got to sit across from me!
 My oldest sister and mother of the bride. I love this picture of her, as it is what she looks like when you are talking to her. She pays attention!

The bride and Youngest Son.
These two are the "baby cousins" born just six months apart.

One of them is older, one of them is bigger.
My oldest nephew and his bride of less than a year. They drove in from Baltimore for the wedding.
It is always great to see them!

Daughter-in-law 1 and Daughter

The sisters!
All eight of my parent's grandchildren in one place at the same time! This rarely happens, so we took a picture!

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