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Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Thoughts

Last week while Hertsje and I were playing in the backyard, we stopped to listen to all the different bird sounds.
There were a lot of sparrows, a few robins, and a pair of cardinals calling to each other from different trees.
I thought it was fun, so I took a video of the noisiest one whose call we were imitating.
And then on Saturday we heard a buzzing saw.
Down came branch after branch.
I could not watch.
But before it was all over, I talked myself into taking one picture.
One with the tree cutting guy still in the tree.
THGGM asked if there was something wrong with the tree.
He was told that no, there was not anything wrong with it, just that it was a messy silver maple.

Today Hertsje and I spent a lot of time in the backyard.
It's going to be difficult getting used to what it looks like now.
We lost most of our backyard tree in the tornado last summer.
The one remaining branch still has leaves on it.
I'm waiting to see what crawls out of the holes in it where all the wasps laid there eggs last year.
Our magnolia tree is totally dead.
I really miss it.
It will have to come down.
The tree guy said he could do it for $700 dollars.
I still like it.
And it doesn't look dead in the winter.

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