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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Where I've Been

I've been here, doing all the things I love to do, and all the things I don't particularly enjoy but have to do anyway!

And, with two grandsons playing baseball, I've been happily sitting in my chair at the ball park.

Feintsje is playing T-ball this year.

So happy he chose an orange belt, it's easy to spot him in the field!
He is one of the few on his team who always knows where the ball is and what the next play should be.

It's interesting to watch him!

In the video below, the one where he is on third base heading for home, you can see just how seriously he takes keeping his eye on the ball.

I'm guessing we have a life-long baseball player here.

And I could not be happier to support him in his passion!

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