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Friday, June 30, 2017

And We DID Make Things on Monday

On Monday of this week we made Troll bookmarks!

Hertsje made Poppy, and I made Branch.

At least that is what she told me their names were, I've not seen the movie yet.

And on TUESDAY Hertsje made a beach for the dolls I got at the Allegan Flea on Sunday.
She is very creative!
I found a square of fake moss for 50% at Michael's over the weekend.

It gave the dolls a lovely park area in which to rest.
This kept both of us entertained for the morning.

But I PROMISE, I let her use her own ideas and do it her way.

Even though I SOOOO wanted to put the beach blankets we made from scraps of fabric UNDER the dolls on the sand.
The little paper umbrellas were on clearance at Michael's.

They added an authentic touch to the scene, we thought.

Sometimes I find things at thrift stores or clearance sales and I put them away until I find something creative to do with them.

Sometimes it all comes together nicely.

Other times, I just annoy myself with how much weird stuff I have accumulated.

Anyway.., we had FUN!

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