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Friday, June 30, 2017

A Few Small Things

This is the Royal Bayreuth Sunbunnet Girls candle holder I found at the Allegan Flea on Sunday.

LOVE Sunbonnet Girls!
And the Zell's pitcher that I also found there is in the upper right hand corner.

At the Downtown Market Vintage Flea a few weeks ago I found the small creamer at the bottom right, and another cup and saucer.

I'd like to think that this shelf looks complete now.

But I seem to like to think a whole bunch of crazy things.

Only time will tell.
I also found the framed tile at the Vintage Flea.

The two  Dutch scene cups were found on our vacation in Traverse City a month ago.
 The tile above goes nicely with this one, that I found in Wisconsin on our fall trip.

Can't get enough Dutch stuff.

Or so it seems.
These two do not look Dutch.

They are the Fisher Price babies I found Sunday at the Allegan Flea.

These are for me.

I plan to play with them every day!

I might.

You don't know.
And the aluminum toy kitchenware set?

I've seen them for so much higher.

All this was only $4.00.

How could I NOT buy them?

Well, I couldn't not.

So I did.

Have I mentioned lately that I am desperately trying to scale back?

Ask me how THAT'S working out, why don't you?

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