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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today At My House

Wow! What a difference a day makes!
This was yesterday.
Originally we had thought of adding a deck over our existing patio cement.
When we learned that would cost many many THOUSANDS of dollars, we quickly nixed that idea.
When we added the pool, our neighbor came with his heavy duty compressor and filled it up in no time (THGGM was using his leaf blower to fill it).
They got to talking, the neighbor's business is concrete, so THGGM ask him for an estimate on extending the concrete.  It was very reasonable!  He hired him to do it whenever he had the time.
That time came yesterday.
We WERE just going to extend the cement where you can see the sod removed in the first picture, but the cement truck didn't arrive in time, so we got to thinking about redoing the ENTIRE patio, and..,
This morning the large pieces of original patio came out...
and in came the new concrete!
We can already tell we are going to enjoy this, and for only a fraction of the cost that a deck would have been.

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