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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Our Saturday Shopping Adventure

 We found a few treasures here and there on our Saturday thrifting, antiquing, and flea marketing jaunts.

My best find was this little vintage doll cupboard. It was at a flea market in Grand Haven.

Isn't it just the sweetest thing?

Tomorrow I have plans to get this set up in the basement.
Our "old" American Girl doll room will now be THGGM's work from home office.

I haven't yet decided how this is going to set up, but I'm looking forward to figuring it out.

My other finds were a complete set of hardwood blocks with a lot of pieces unlike the ones I already have. Oh! And a bag FULL of cars. Broeder loves cars, so cars and blocks will stay in the "ruined" (see below) toy room which is now an art room.
After the flea market we drove a bit south to another of our favorite antique malls.

Look what I found!

It was in a locked cabinet, something that I rarely even look into, because if it needs to be locked up, I'm quite convinced that I can't afford it.

But these were NOT priced for a locked cabinet.
I zoomed in so you can see the graphics a bit better.

Sigh.., aren't they cute?
 There isn't a mark on the bottom of these, so I doubt that they have much monetary value.

But once I figure out how to display them in my cabinet of old baby/doll dishes they will have value to me!
I wonder if  in another 100 years or so grandmother's will fill cabinets with old dishes with pictures of children staring at screens?

Will they sigh and go on and on about how cute they are?

I'm thinking no.

But still, it seems worth pondering.
I like to romanticize the past.

But I'm a realist enough to know that these children most likely (well, children from this era, i do know these aren't "real" children) had their share of horrors in their lifetime.

Yet, I find it entertaining to wonder about who these small dishes belonged to, and how did they manage to survive all these years?

And did they, after partaking of their pretend tea, go out side and play these games with their siblings, cousins, or friends?

For that, I like to think that yes, yes they did.

Of course, we hit our favorite thrift store on our way to the lake shore.

I've been looking for affordable pieces in red plaid. I've seen recipe boxes like this in antique malls, but they are quite pricey for a recipe box.

But this one was only $2.50. I was hoping for actual hand-written recipe cards from this era, but there were only dividers and empty index cards.  I love the Ohio Art stamp on the bottom too!

Oh, and would you look at this?!
Another ironstone platter, because truly, the uses for these things are unending.

Mostly, I've been scouring the thrift store for clothes though. Since not much that I used to have fits me anymore, I'm in need of comfortable things with a "worn-in" feel.  This week I did very well in that area too. I found a brown jacket, a long khaki cardigan, a light weight long black cardigan, and a pair of brown jeans! Of course, the weather has decided to turn up the heat and humidity to levels we didn't even have this summer, so I guess I'll have to wait a week or so before I shall have the chance to wear them.  Instead, I'm wearing the "worn-in" jean shorts and short sleeve t-shirt that didn't quite yet fit me when I got them this spring. Apparently, it all does work out, eventually.

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