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Monday, October 16, 2017

Oh, I'm Still Around

I haven't had much time to blog lately.
I've been doing fun things like American Girl Doll room rearranging.
This is just a sneak peek.
Can you tell I'm having  a wonderful time attempting to give my doll some authentic surroundings?
Oh, she will never have any of the authentic AG doll stuff, but you know me, always willing to antique and thrift shop to "make do".
Famke and Hertsje haven't seen the new room yet.
They won't be so crazy about the "old stuff", as they are more into bright pinks and purples and swirly glittery things.
I'm the one who's all about the old, worn, and tired (which pretty much describes me lately).
But we will manage, somehow.
And it will be FUN!

This is the little room in the basement I'm using now.
Pake has his work-from-home office where the dolls used to live.
It already looks different than this picture.
The old sewing machine and rocker have been moved, and a partition has been added to give us a fourth wall with a doorway.
It will be cozier than the old room, but I think we can make it work!
What THGGM and I are NOT handling well is getting used to a different schedule after years of being on the same one.
I don't think it would have been so difficult were it not for the eight weeks of  "retirement" before this job started.
That was LOVELY.
This is exhausting.
But we will soldier on, while trying not to complain (too much) as we know full well that we are BLESSED.


Mel Frizell said...

Please do not disappear on me like this! I was getting very worried about you!
Yes I know that is silly but still folks online disappear so quickly sometimes.
I even tried the contact me page to check and see if you were ok, it didn't go anywhere..
I love the doll room. I will never have an authentic AG, never mind her stuff but my Springfield and Target versions do just fine!
I recently redressed my Springfield dolly.
My Target dolly may be next...
Hugs and glad you are just busy!

Impalace said...

Whew - I was worried too! Glad you are back!

Rebecca said...

You are SO clever!
Good to know you're still in the land of the living.